Enthralled to Finance

December 30, 2011


We don’t have to be captive to the financial institutions, but we will continue to be so long as we try and use money as a substitute for security. This requires attention: the reason we are controlled by “finance” is because we have given our lives to finance, meaning we have tried to use money […]

The Path to a Future: Flat Sharing

November 12, 2011


For my entire working life the conventional wisdom seems to have been that only a mug would pay their full share of taxes, and that it was every citizen’s duty to reduce their responsibilities in this area to a minimum. Those who succeeded in paying the least amount of taxes have generally been lauded as heroes. It’s a shame […]

The Path to a Future: The Mind of Production

October 29, 2011


To support super-democracy, super-security and build a thriving super-economy we to need to make substantial investments in our societies. To make those changes to our infrastructure we will have to leverage the strengths of private enterprise to help us reach our public policy objectives. We struggle with the interface between public initiatives and private enterprise, and the debate tends to […]

The Path to a Future: LOVE Thy Neighbour

October 22, 2011


If we are to make the urgent progress that we need to on The Path to a Future, we need to do it together. Areas of blight and conflict will be a drag on all of our progress, because they will suck resources away from more effective uses. The people in conflict are unlikely to participate […]

#OCCUPY the Ballot Box

October 18, 2011


The conundrum of the Occupy movement's "missing list of demands" is the key to understanding what has to be done.

The Path to A Future: The Indian Highway problem.

October 15, 2011


I was sitting in the waiting room of a garage the other day with my son, while I scribbled notes for this book. I reached the end of a section and, looking for inspiration, I turned to him and asked him what problem in the world he thought we should think about next. “The Indian highways.” was his response. […]

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More money is not the answer

October 8, 2011


We need to occupy our communities and demand less money, rather than occupying corporate spaces and demand more money.